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Dear Potential Investor,

Successful companies don’t just happen. They need to work through the ranks like everyone else. But all too often, penny and small cap investors believe that finding the next Microsoft is as simple as relying on their own instincts, taking a cue from an office buddy, or trusting some know-it-all on a message board or stock blog.

There are, indeed, major opportunities in the penny/micro cap stock arena – defined as any stock under $5 that is trading on the pink sheets or OTCBB. But the key to any successful investing strategy is acquiring enough valuable information to make the right decision at the right time and to avoid biased or faulty recommendations.

It all comes down to knowing what penny stock picks to pursue and which to pass on. At, we boast a proud track record of honing in on penny stocks that are right on the verge of a breakout and exploding in value. And we believe this so strongly that we’re willing to give you our first 3 months of recommendations without charge.

Why are penny stocks such an attractive investment target?

That’s a fair question. In penny stock investing, you don’t need to be a financial whiz and you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of dollars tucked away for a rainy day. The attraction comes from the fact that there is more room for appreciation and more room to own more stock.

Suppose, for example, a stock is at 10¢ and rises to 15¢. In this case, you would have made a 50% return. Now suppose you bought 10,000 shares with a $1,000 investment. You’ve just made yourself a $500 profit with that one trade.

Here is a list of some gains from our recent alerts from June - July 2008:

The returns can be spectacular if you know how to get started.

Now, who are we? We’re The Stockster and our goal is to find our members penny stocks that, we believe, are on the verge of exploding in value. We research, analyze, and feature companies that are poised to soar by at least 30% to 100% or more.

Here’s how we do it: our staff and computers continually monitor the charts of most industry groups and their individual companies to select stocks within the strongest technical dynamics within the best performing industries. Our research analysts – some of the best in the business – then carefully evaluate the fundamentals of those chosen, SEC-reporting companies and select the best of the best for recommendation.

These recommendations are generally small or micro cap companies…companies that are usually the most overlooked with the most upside potential. The opportunity to build profits could be enormous.

The Stockster invites you to explore the profit-making potential of penny stocks for yourself.

As we’ve grown, we’ve become the secret “go to” of savvy investors who want a solid, trustworthy source who is capable of delivering strong one strong recommendation after the other, even in challenging times.. As a result of our burgeoning growth, we’ve initiated a premium penny stock recommendation service for our subscribers. And we’re giving you some enticing reasons to check us out:

You get your first 3 months of penny stock recommendations for FREE.

It’s almost like having your very own stock broker right at your fingertips…

someone who can help you avoid the pitfalls and zero in on two of the very

hottest stocks today. We’re so sure our recommendations are on target that

we’re inviting you to accept the 3 months of recommendations for free.

Then you get at least one blockbuster idea or strategy per week to help continue your profit-making growth path.

Each strategy combines technical analysis and fundamental proven research,

with trading and investment solutions to benefit intelligent investors.

The first rule of investing is “seize the opportunity.”

Accept 3 months of penny stock recommendations free…for a limited time!

Remember, the first 3 months of recommendations are yours as a free trial but only for a limited time. The time to act is not tomorrow or the day after, but now.

If we don’t deliver on our promises, you can just disappear and not owe us a thing – not even a “goodbye.” BUT, if you agree that we’re the REAL DEAL – immensely astute financial professionals who know what it takes to build your micro cap and penny stock portfolio – you can choose to subscribe.

No muss, no fuss, no obligation, and no reason to not make us live up to our word.
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Happy Trading


P.S. Many people have seen prodigious drops in their stock market portfolio but penny stock trading – done the right way – continues to thrive. After all, the only risk is a few dollars a share.
If a penny stock moves from $2.00 a share to $6.00, you’ve tripled your investment. You can see why so many investors find penny stock trading so attractive!

P.P.S.  Because of the appeal of our offer, we reserve the right to limit the number of investors we take on. 

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I truly think this site rocks. The picks have been amazing. Go Stockster GO!!!

You guys are the best. Keep up the great picks, and thanks for all the new features.
-Joe B. 

All the picks I have received have brought me gains in my portfolio. Thanks guys.
-Jason G.


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